Journalism Days

Journalism Days 2017

at the University of Arkansas
April 10–14, 2017


The Roy Reed Lecture
David Bianculli
Scholarship Reception

Lemke Journalism Project Reception

Speaker & Events

J-Days Ice Cream Social at Shollmier Plaza



We love J-Days. We love bringing the best professionals into the classroom. We love working with our students to pull this thing off every year. And we love, love, love our donors for making it possible to give away tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money every year.

Thank you, donors.

Thank you faculty.

Many, many thanks to Amy Unruh and Amy Sherrill, administrative genii.

Thanks also to the entire journalism faculty and staff, and to students of the department's Event Promotion and Execution practicum, who produced this year's events.

Work links for J-Days organizers.

Practicum students include:
Maycie Bemore
Kylie Coleman
Erin Dosher
Colby Dowdle
Blakely Glass
Lindsey Guimont
Shafer Huggins
Cheyanne Jester
Sidney Richardson
Daysha Ross
Sierra Turner
Sydne Tursky
Faith Tyrell
Alissa Virgil
Jeffrey Wilson